Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The essence of societal survival is the capacity to utilize historical lessons of ethics and economics into a modern era evolution of commerce and trade philosophy and practical application. The core of survival is rooted in mutual respect. And, it is with this emphasis upon the past practise of honourable treaty-making that Vortex Union comes forward as the "shqwi'qwal" or speaker emissary for the Kwa'mutsun state nation to offer friendly counsel on the acceptable rules for commerce and trade in North America ... And, further, that this economic development model for North America / North Turtle Island is an appropriate schematic for fair consideration through the United Nations in global economic sustainability into the XXII Century. Peoples of all continents and geographic zones are entitled to be directly involved in the continual quest for resource development to meet the demands of new technologies and intellectual declarations. We are all equally responsible stewards. Thank you - huy'ch'qu'. Good governance incorporates custom and tradition. "ICE" illustrates "Two Row".